Best Political Books for Long Beach, California

best political books for Long Beach, CaliforniaDepot Pond Publishing, located in Baldwinville, MA delivers interesting and well-written books within the political arena.

Here are a few of the books they have available.

  • George Washington’s Vision For Peace
  • Reclaiming the People’s House
  • One State, Two States, Red State, Blue State

The mission of Depot Pond Publishing is to provide their readers with important information about the United States Constitution and some forgotten or overlooked values which were hotly debated at one time. They deliver the best political books, Long Beach, California.

In “George Washington’s Vision for Peace,” author Nowell Francis introduces readers to Citizen Genet, whose actions were pivotal to not only Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality, but to his Farewell Address as well. This well-conceived piece of non-fiction is one of the best political books near Long Beach, California published by Depot Pond, and ushers readers into exploring a sad legacy of the United States. The book shows how the idea of neutrality was quickly abandoned through military interventions which have cost millions of lives.

The next in the best political books published by Depot Pond Publishing, titled, “Reclaiming the People’s House,” discusses the idea of apportionment and how the framers of the Constitution wanted ordinary citizens to make-up the House of Representatives. Readers will gain the knowledge of how apportionment had been debated in the 19th century. Did you know that apportionment decided the Presidential Elections of 1801 and 1876? And that this concept favored slave-holding states? You will after you read this great book.

For the book, “One State, Two States, Red State, Blue State,” Depot Pond Publishing and author Nowell Francis pulls readers deep into large issues of the Constitution from the past and present. In this sample of best political books for Long Beach, California the author touches upon the idea of apportionment from his previous book, but also dives into the role of corporations, neutrality and the roles of protective tariffs and taxation.

When you want to read interesting books about politics, Depot Pond Publishing has you covered. These books written by Nowell Francis will deliver fresh ideas, clearly define where current political ideals were developed and where these concepts were born. Be sure to read more about these books and order them today.